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  • Premium Table Tennis Table

    Premium Table Tennis Table for Championships Volant King

    大赢家足球比分网 This premium table tennis table suitable for championships. Approved by ITTF and NSCC. Silver Undercarriage + Blue Light

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  • ITTF Approved Ping Pong Table

    Official Table Tennis Table for Tournament Volant Dream 2

    Official ping pong table Volant Dream 2 for International competitions designed by Double Fish Sports.

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  • Official Durable Ping Pong Table for World Tour

    Official Durable Table Tennis Table for World Tour 99-45B

    ITTF approved official durable table tennis table for international tournament. Thickness of table board: 25mm TOURNAMENT QUALITY – This professional-grade table is designed for the highest level of competition. PERFECT FOR FAMILIES – Offers premium play for all ages. Go head-to-head or fold up for individual practice. 2-inch heavy gauge steel supports hold up to the toughest challenges. A great centerpiece for your game room, den, or gym. EASY ASSEMBLY –Start playing in minutes with simple Assembly. High-quality net is equipped with locking clamps that are easily attached.

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  • Best Quality Ping Pong Ball

    Best Quality Double Fish V40+ Volant 3 Stars Table Tennis Ball

    Double Fish V40+ Volant 3 Stars Table Tennis Balls Conform to ITTF lastest T3 Technical Standards. Approved by ITTF and official balls for Table Tennis Team World Cup 2018 in London. Higher bounce ,Tougher,Safer and more Durable than traditional celluloid ABS seamed ball.

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  • Best All-round Table Tennis Blade

    Double Fish QIJI All-round Table Tennis Blade

    High Quality Double Fish QIJI all-round table tennis Blade, which is the best selling table tennis table tennis blade. *Perfect for the traditional allround player *This is a shakehand style table tennis blade with no rubber *Made of 5 layers wood + 2 layers of carbon, cypress of surface layer, walnut and carbon fiber layer and ayous core. Stable ball holding, excellent hand feel, outstanding ball control capacity

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  • Table Tennis Racket for Sale

    Double Fish High Quality Table Tennis Racket for Bussinessmen

    Double Fish High Quality Table Tennis Racket is the Best Choice for Business Elite and Professional Player. Speed: 11      Spin: 12      Control: 11 Performance-Level Table Tennis Racket ITTF Approved Rubber for Tournament Play Fitted Play: All-Round

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Double fish's innovative professional equipment is on the market!

April 2,2019.

On March 15, 2019, Double fish Sports National Distributor Congress 2019 was held in zhongxin Square, Guangzhou.

Fang Guiquan, chairman of Guangzhou Light Industry Group, Vice General Manager of Guangzhou Light Industry Group, Fu Yongguo, Chairman of Double fish Company, Ye Yiqiang, Vice Chairman and General Manager of Double fish Company, Li Hong, Vice Secretary of Party Committee of Double fish Company and nearly 50 distributors invited to attend the meeting jointly.

First of all, Vice Chairman Ye Yiqiang delivered a speech. He warmly welcomed the guests and thanked the distributors for their support to Double fish in 2018. 2018 is a year for Double fish to make progress.

1. 大赢家足球比分网 used in many international competitions

2. Merger and Reorganization of Two Manufacturing Branches

3. Large-scale upgrading and transformation of production equipment

4. The optimization and management upgrading of e-commerce business

5. Pisces Sports Stock Company Limited

6. Successful hosting of the Double fish Cup Table Tennis Competition

7. Olympic champion Liu Shiwen endorses the Double fish brand

8. Double fish Sports Development Strategy Initial Achievements

9. Establishment of Double fish Sports Research and Development Innovation Center

Looking ahead to 2019, Mr. Ye hopes that Double fish will continue to work hand in hand with other distributors.

The second item of the meeting was to commend the outstanding distributors in 2018. Wu Huaqiang, deputy general manager of Double fish Sports, read out the list of the winners and invited the group leaders to present the awards.

At this new product ordering meeting, Double fish launched a number of bright products, from table tennis to the three major balls, from professional equipment to footwear, Double fish will integrate its unique design concept into the product. Among them, new products of Table Tennis include new Aone Rubber, The king of Double fish racket, Double fish Juniper serious racket , new professional table tennis shoes and clothing, as well as table tennis, table tennis and serve machine. .

Aone rubber is a kind of sticky rubber biased towards backhand. Excellent control performance and comprehensive price ratio are the biggest selling points of this rubber. In the pre-promotional activities of elite table tennis, it has set a record of 300 pcs sold in a single event.

The king of Double fish is the first professional backplane launched by Double fish  brand after signing Liu Shiwen. According to its structure, this backplane can be divided into three models: built-in carbon (perfect handle), external carbon (strong attack) and two-sided heterogeneity (positive and negative balance). After Liu Shiwen and Guangdong team try to improve the racket, they will be put into the market.

Among the products of billiards,Double fish mainly optimizes and upgrades the best-selling models of billiards. Addition and price increase are the most vivid description of the products of the billiards.

Double fish training star DF-E8, DF-G8 as high-end service machine products, for the first time joined Liu Shiwen motion picture color LCD control box, function design more intelligent, strong sense of science and technology. The super second generation serve machine is a kind of super value serve machine for family use. Double fish pays more and more attention to the design idea of "bringing happiness into family". In addition, Double fish has also introduced new products of badminton and three major balls.

In the new fashion show segment, Double fish e-commerce team joined forces, wearing the new fashion show.

In the afternoon, 大赢家足球比分网 arranged for participating distributors to visit the Pisces Conghua Production Base. The meeting was successfully concluded.

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